How we help

The New Mexico Women’s Reentry Center is more than a referral program. We take a modern approach to life after incarceration—and a realistic,  empathetic one. We understand the stigma that comes after being incarcerated and how it can have a  negative impact on quality of life, job opportunities, housing, and more.


Our staff has experience navigating common roadblocks encountered upon reentry into the community, and we are committed to helping women overcome them. From finding employment and gaining access to an ID, to counseling resources, clothing, childcare, and transportation - we support women while they work to rebuild their life.


Our mission is to stop the cycle of re-incarceration by providing training and support to the women of New Mexico who are recovering from substance use disorders and mental health issues. 

We do it Together

Our client-centered approach means that we treat every woman who comes through our door as a unique individual, and we walk alongside each client,  sharing our own personal experiences. At NMWRC we are creating a community where women leaving incarceration are provided the skills and knowledge they’ll need to maintain their sobriety and mental health with opportunity and purpose. We are women who have struggled and picked ourselves up to overcome everything from substance use disorders to mental health issues.


We know first-hand what it is like to try and enter society after incarceration. NMWRC is not just another service provider, but a sister provider where we empower, uplift, and encourage our sister just like a family should. We’ve been there, and we’re ready to help our clients redirect the hustle to focus on themselves in a positive way.