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It isn’t easy to navigate the roadblocks that come with re-entering the community following incarceration. The New Mexico Reentry Center, a peer-run organization,  understands these difficulties and is
dedicated to assisting people to
stop the cycle of re-incarceration. 

New Mexico Re-Entry Center (NMRC) is a peer-run organization committed to helping felony-convicted people re-enter the community from NM correctional facilities. This undercounted and too frequently invisible population isn’t just an underserved group in themselves; they represent the backbone of our families, communities, neighborhoods, and cultures. In helping people transition into recovery, secure housing, steady employment, education, and training - we are changing outcomes for the peole themselves and for our families and communities.



Want more?

Redirecting the Hustle never got easier! 

NMRC has MOUs in place with counseling agencies to provide wraparound services in an effort to address the biopsychosocial challenges that impact the opportunities of people - and particularly people of color. We are also working with local governmental and non-governmental agencies to help people find safe, secure housing, employment, training and rehabilitation. 


We are people who have struggled and picked ourselves up to overcome everything from substance use disorders to mental health issues. We know

first-hand what it is like to try and enter society after incarceration.


 NMRC is not just another service, but a community provider that empowers, uplifts, and encourages our people

just like a family should. 

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